Handcrafted products made in Bangladesh by women at risk and survivors of trafficking

Direct support for people in need

Social fashion design based in Berlin

Robin Seyfert is the managing director and founder of Basha Enterprises Ltd. Basha creates high quality, unique, handmade products which reflect their love for the traditions of Bangladesh while employing women at risk and survivors of trafficking. Basha’s vision focuses on the lives of the women they work with. Every woman’s story is unique, but their circumstances put them at high risk of harm or resulted in exploitation and abuse. Through dignified work, Basha provides a sustainable livelihood for these women. They gain job skills and the opportunity to develop into leaders and entrepreneurs in a healthy, healing, supportive environment. Basha works with children too, ensuring the cycle of poverty and victimisation is broken.

MEENA e.V. is presented by Christian von Mitzlaff, a member of the Board of Meena Germany.
Meena started after the Rana Plaza catastrophe in 2013, addressing the most dire needs of the affected women and children. The emergency relief moved to medical support and psycho-social counselling, to education and income-generation providing a safe haven. The Meena community house in Savar, Bangladesh, is a place where women learn to read and write and receive skills training. For the long-term rehabilitation of the Rana Plaza survivors, Meena has set up a sewing workshop with daycare. Here, the women can stitch clothes for their own use or for small neighborhood jobs. However, Meena’s main goal is to provide a regular income through orders. The children are supported with their homework, can sing, dance, do drama, art, and sportive activities.

PEOPLE is presented by Cornelia Zoller
PEOPLE is a project by KARUNA (Zukunft für Kinder und Jugendliche in Not Int. e.V.) an innovative social hub that operates on the principle of human proximity. Since 1990 KARUNA has helped kids in need by providing them with unconditional shelter, safety, and love. The studio of PEOPLE is part of the social institution, called DRUGSTOP. PEOPLE is a social fashion project based in Berlin. Together with a team of adolescents who struggle with drug addiction, mental illness or homelessness three fashion designers create amazing, modern annual editions of design objects and sartorial pieces that capture the essence of a universal desire: inclusivity. PEOPLE stands for participation at all levels- young people are involved in the processes of a fashion label. By including them in the joint shaping of a peaceful and respectful togetherness, the project is oriented towards the needs of the young people. This offer motivates and creates life changes. 100% of the revenue generated by the pieces, which are all handmade in Berlin, are redirected into the project. Since 2015 human rights organization Terre des Hommes and the VW staff foundation support this vision of a more diverse future in fashion.




a fashion and lifestyle brand of Friendship Enterprise.

National Network of Fair Trade Organizations in Bangladesh

Hand weaving, home textiles.

Prokritee is a fair trade company in Bangladesh.

FRIENDSHIP COLOURS OF THE CHARS presented by Runa Khan, Founder and Executive Director
A social enterprise of Friendship NGO, FRIENDSHIP Colours of the chars are working with the most remote and marginalized women of the chars (riverine islands) in the Gaibandha and Kurigram Districts of Bangladesh.

ECOTA FAIR TRADE FORUMrepresented by Swapan K. Das, Chairman
ECOTA Fair Trade Forum (EFTF) is a national coordination body of producer organizations providing strong networking support for fair trade opportunities and supports better livelihoods for the artisans by encouraging unity and solidarity of the craft sector of Bangladesh.

represented by Monju Haque Founder and CEO
Artisan Hut is specialized in hand weaving, creating unique and exclusive home textiles. Our mission is to reduce poverty through fair trade business development and economic independence, and to increase the standards of living of disadvantaged people in Bangladesh.

PROKRITEE is presented by Swapan K. Das, Executive Director
Prokritee is a fair trade company in Bangladesh that supports over 1,500 artisans in rural areas. Products use renewable sources of materials such as recycled sarees, waste jute, silk, handmade paper, natural fibers and leaves.