workshop by AYUMI YAMAMOTO

Ayumi Yamamoto is a textile designer and alumna of the weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. Instead of a hands-on workshop at the university’s textile laboratories, she demonstrated the process of dying with indigo to the group in a zoom meeting. In her indigo workshop she gave an insight into traditional dyeing methods with indigo and went on to explain the Japanese folding and dyeing technique Shibori and its role in the centuries-old indigo tradition in Japan



FOLKDAYS – by Lisa Jaspers

Strength based design approach and how to get your product on the road

Folkdays reinvents the idea of sustainable fashion and design by offering handmade craft products from around the world that combine high quality products with strong contemporary design. The team works with a select group of artisans from developing and emerging countries who have preserved and passed on their traditions and unique production techniques from generation to generation.
Appreciating the artisan’s crafts, Folkdays maintain a personal relationship with each of their 32 partners in 25 countries and see them as equals in long lasting partnerships. Products are bought directly from the craftspeople at fair prices. They cooperate to design new products combining local natural materials, traditional techniques and skills with their combined knowledge and experience. Their aim is to help local producers keep the traditional handicrafts alive and at the same time develop or partly reinvent them. This process supports all partners with a sustainable and stable income.

Blog Authors: Farzana Yusuf, Mirjam v. Mengershausen, Rebecca Ivancevic, Judith Grah