T·YARN 2.0

Activating textile T-Shirt waste for sustainable high quality remanufacturing

If plentitude of source materials is a requirement for sustainable design, T·YARN is truly ecological: in Europe, more than 2M tonnes of textile waste are generated every year. In fact, T-Shirts at the end of life made of 100% cotton are a high quality and widely available resource that is usually landfilled or burned.

With this material, T·YARN created a new local cotton yarn that can be processed into high end weaves, knits, ropes or any textile you can dream of. Parameters such as style, mesh and construction of the base material make a difference to define the ideal second life use. T·YARN also tested multi color models to deal with the inconsistent shades of waste T-Shirts.

Cooperating with textile institutes and fashion designers, T·YARN customizes the yarns in size, colour and effects to fit the needs of various manufacturing techniques. Seeking strategies for positive impact, T·YARN reinvents high quality sustainable textiles while pursuing circular and collaborative paths for a better future.

Tau Pibernat