The Pawfect Project

How much pets have become part of our human life, we can see in the range of luxury products marketed at pet owners. But even more prevalent is “fast fashion”, made of cheap and often toxic synthetic materials, without any consideration of environmental and health impacts, let alone sustainable material cycles. How does this match with our deep personal affection and relationship with our pets? Why shouldn’t they benefit from a more responsible and environmentally friendly lifestyle?

The Pawfect Project focuses on two aspects that are usually not connected: the pet’s well-being and caring for the environment. Like ourselves, pets have a relationship with the objects that make them feel comfortable: toys, blankets, sleeping mats as well as soft body belts or harnesses. Materials matter very much here, which is why The Pawfect Project products are produced from organic textiles such as hemp, cotton, bamboo and jute. Another element is the use of synthetic end-of-roll textiles. The focus on reducing waste can even influence the design in a positive way. Do pets have aesthetic needs? Maybe not. But the minimalistic and easy to handle designs consolidate the ties between pet and owner, within a general idea of beauty and responsibility.

Tanzim Tabassum