Nakshi Denim

Enriching the soul of Denim

Let’s make our old Denims new! “Nakshi Denim”- a sustainable fashion project where your old Denims will be given a new life by applying the traditional “Nakshi Kantha” hand stitched embroidery of Bangladesh. Working with local artisans of Bangladesh, fashion designer Samia Rafique offers a personal service of remaking, reusing and repairing the old used denims. The idea is to encourage everyone to re-use their old clothes, to help local artisans and save our environment. Why buy a new pair of denim pants when you can give your old pants an exclusive touch and a new life? It will not only prolong the life of a pair of jeans but also save 1500 litres of water!

Each design has its unique story. Not only is Nakshi Denim an exclusive sustainable product but it also creates an added value as well as providing an income for artisans. This year, the theme of the motifs is influenced by “Henna Art”- a form of body adornment that mainly uses decorative designs. Just like henna art develops from a single motif into detailed patterns, your denims will be unique in their design. Clients participate in the creation of their clothes and care about the social and environmental conditions of its production process. Join in and be part of this sustainable journey!

Samia Rafique