Vegan leather from water hyacinth

In the world of fast fashion, it is important to address environmental issues. To acknowledge this issue, this vegan leather is created from water hyacinth. In Bangladesh water hyacinths are widely available, meaning they can be easily sourced which will in turn make the final product affordable. Most Bangladeshi people are not aware of vegan leather as an alternative to leather and are not very conscious about it. Vegan leather isn’t as expensive as animal leather making it an affordable alternative for the general public. During production, PU and PVC were replaced with a wax to ensure that 0% harmful chemicals were used in the creation of this leather. Even though the final product isn’t yet ready to fully meet industry standards, further research can make it as qualitative as animal derived leather. Reasonable results can be achieved with only a few utensils at home. Given the right support and professional help, products from vegan leather have a good chance of entering the market.

Rehnuma Tasnim Khan