Dhaka. Capital of Bangladesh. The city of dreams and colors. The streets are covered with countless posters and advertisements. Many brands flood the city with these advertisements every day. Short lived banners and billboards are printed mostly on PVC. Polyvinyl chloride is the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. It is the cheapest material for street advertising. When the banners have served their purpose, their life cycle officially comes to an end. Either they end up on a landfill or get burned. There is no other use for those old banners. It is clear, a plastic material like PVC can cause unrecoverable damage to nature.[Textflussumbruch][Textflussumbruch]Through “ReVinyl”, perceptions are about to change. The concept is not only to extend the lifespan of the material, but to give it a functional approach. The characteristic of the material makes it waterproof. This property opens so many possibilities. The aim is to rescue the material from ending up in the landfill and combining the commercial design with a relative approach of cyclability by upcycling the material into more functional and usable products. The concept is all about how some simple and technical aspects can increase the further life of a particular material by adding value through design.

Md. Arafat Ali Khan