The Sustainable Surface Kit

found at home – going places

The Sustainable Surface Kit provides its users with all knowledge and means needed to transform leftover fabrics from their personal household into attractive, intriguing textile surfaces.

Its core component is a manual, outlining a simplified construction process of woven patterns, pairing step-by-step instructional texts with immersive, illustrated visuals. Furthermore, it entails a pair of finished fabric samples as well as a ‘Color Code’ progression system highlighting the various completion stages of individual design processes through a checkpoint system.

Applicable materials include any sort of unused or worn-out textiles available at home, often incorporating elements of personal history and intimacy, as well as their former everyday use. Thus the woven textiles may even be seen as records of individual lives.

Finally, the Kit will provide links to an interactive online database of works completed in line with its design methodologies. Participants with completed works may choose to upload pictures of the starting materials and their results or exchange tips and details with one another.

Lisa Rilka